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Sled Test System

Design and development by Kimeca, the system is able to develop a maxsimum g of -100g  for a maximum mass of 1600kg with a maximum impact velocity of 64.4 km/h. The system includes:

  Pneumatic propulsion system

  Steel Sled

  Variable Damper





Kimeca is a leading technology partner for the complete product design and development. We provide CAD-CAM-CAE services and software. With more than 20 years developing new products using the tools we offer including testing and correlations.

SIMULIA Technical Support Specialist

Certified Training and Support engineers for SIMULIA products:

  • Abaqus Suite
  • Isight
  • Tosca.Structure
  • fe-safe

Training and Certification Center

Certified Instructors for SIMULIA and CATIA Training 


SIMULIA Abaqus/Explicit for a full vehicle crash.


SIMULIA Tosca.Structure for nonlinear, nonparametric strcutural optimizations.

3+1 Axis Vertical Mill

CAM Paths Generation with CATIA V5

G Code Generation

4 Axis Vertical Mill

Heat Treatment Simulation and Optimization

State in the art Heat Treatment simulation software and Services







Our Capabilities


  • Stress
  • Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic
  • Heat Transfer
  • NVH
  • Acoustic Radiation
  • Structural Optimizations
  • Heat Treatment
  • Manufacturing Process



  • Part Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Molds
  • Fixtures
  • Bench Test

Parts Production

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Max. 1500kg
  • CAM Services
  • G-Code Services

Added Value

Help Customers

We help our customer to design, validate and manufacture new products and help to identify the cause root for different mechanical failures.

Win to Win Filosofy

Our business relationship with our customers is based on the Win to Win philosophy.


Más de 20 años de experiencia en el diseño y desarrollo de nuevos productos y en el uso de herramientas CAD-CAM-CAE

GM México

José Luis (Kimeca) has demonstrated being a highly technical expert, not only for the CAE tools he is proficient on, but also for his high understanding on the mechanical theoretical problems. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him for different projects and He has shown high level of profesionalism, integrity and honesty.

I recommend to open or increase the profesional activity with José Luis.

Vicente Cepeda


Jose Luis (Kimeca) is an intelligent and integral person. He is an entrepreneur who focuses on the client and his needs. He is an expert in his area.

Ford México

Recomiendo a Ing Jose Luis (Kimeca) por su profesionalismo y compromiso, además de saber transmitir sus conocimientos a sus clientes en el campo del Elemento Finito (CAE).

Tenaris TAMSA

José Luis (Kimeca) siempre ha sido alguien en quien podemos confiar cuando tenemos consultas técnicas. Sus respuestas siempre nos han sido útiles y cuando se ha requerido nos ha puesto en contacto con especialistas para poder solucionar nuestros problemas. Espero que podamos tener su apoyo cada vez que lo necesitemos.

Volkswagen de México

José Luis (Kimeca), fue el único proveedor en México que respondió al llamado para diseñar una plataforma o trineo para simulación de impactos frontales en automoviles, para un equipo que originalmente funcionaba para des-aceleraciones de 30 g en piezas y la experiencia final fué excelente logrando soportar 100 g de des-aceleración para carrocería completa.


I met José Luis during the development of my dissertation thesis to simulate a 3D finite element model of a combined extrusion process using Abaqus .Jose Luis provided me free advanced consultation, including Eulerain-Lagrangian meshing techniques to successfully complete the analysis. He has excelent technical capabilities and very friendly personality.

Dassault Systèmes

José Luis ha desarrollado una empresa de servicios de ingeniería y simulación (Kimeca) para atender al mercado mexicano. Cuenta con una vasta experiencia en simulación numérica atendiendo a sectores industriales en Mexico como ser Automotriz, Energía y otros.
Además José Luis es docente universitario en prestigiosas casas de estudios en Mexico lo cual, junto a su experiencia concreta trabajando para la industria, le confiere un balance adecuado entre sus conocimientos sobre ciencias de la ingeniería por un lado y las aplicaciones tecnológicas de aquellas por otro.


Jose Luis (Kimeca) has the ability to do leading-edge FEA modeling work. He is one of the top technical people in that field in Mexico. He also has done dynamic characterization to calibrate models and he is planning to do more rigorous verification by using 3D Laser Doppler experimental dynamic techniques in the near future. Whoever is interested in more detailed information about him is welcome to write me.


I have the chance to work with Jose in several project developments, due to his capabilities and wisdom we were able to provide accurate answers on time, Jose shows that he masters CAE applications as well as the capability to solve real problems and more important he always is willing to share his knowledge with others


I had the pleasure of hiring and working with José Luis during the restructuring of the Product Engineering department at Morinsa. José Luis was a key player in the development of a more robust design infrastructure. He performed diligently and professionally during his work at Morinsa. His expertise and knowledge of the mechanical design and mechanical test processes and techniques was fundamental to our projects.

Dassault Systèmes

Dr. José Luis Garcia is a goal oriented entrepreneur whose vision to specialize on the Finite Element Analysis market in Mexico has proven to be a strategic advantage for his company.

I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Dr. García in several instances. While I was Director at Dassault Systemes I trusted him and his company to serve large customers and even in recent months, he has been supporting complex projects on the Aerospace market, on which we have needed his expertise…..


Hugo Ortiz

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